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Gently batter through the doors as we rest here, quiet and content.
Greeting us with closed arms, it points to the heir.
I worry as it wipes the sweat from my brow

The prophet means no harm.
I ask to come, it instructs me to stay.

He’s our only offspring with no mother, have him back soon.
I’m assured he will.

The moon is out now, the child has not returned.

The moon shines to the altar.
Upon its glow sits my son, mounted to the pedestal

Bound by rope and wire.
The prophet’s chant, they cry for the god Tôt.
My son, raped by the Prophet
My son, raped by Tôt.

I’m in the prophet’s gaze; I’m clubbed and dragged to the glow.
The altar’s ablaze, the child screams. My insides decay.
The prophet’s laugh; they force my gaze upon the glow.

I’m decayed; he’s hollow, my child, my son.


released January 12, 2016
Joseph Kirby - Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Lyrics and Production.



all rights reserved



One man Black Metal act from Nova Scotia, Canada, fronted by Joseph Kirby.

The act was formed in 2014 and all recordings are done with minimal equipment. Due to budget constraints, all instrumentation is recorded on an old microphone with no studio.

All instruments and vocals are performed by Joseph Kirby, including additional ambiance presented in the work, as well as production.
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