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released November 22, 2014

Joseph Kirby - Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Lyrics and Production.



all rights reserved



One man Black Metal act from Nova Scotia, Canada, fronted by Joseph Kirby.

The act was formed in 2014 and all recordings are done with minimal equipment. Due to budget constraints, all instrumentation is recorded on an old microphone with no studio.

All instruments and vocals are performed by Joseph Kirby, including additional ambiance presented in the work, as well as production.
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Track Name: X
Free of my own flume.
Sobbing, I'm dreaming of the howl.
Flying, ever-gleamed Bligh.
Towards my own dye.

Sobbing, here I'm dying.
So long, goodbye to my own life.

Fleeing wood's covered den, woods covered my own plight.

Free of my own fume.
Soaring, I'm dreaming of the hole.
Flying, ever-seamed "bye."
Towards my own life.

Sobbing, here I'm dying.
So long, goodbye to my old lie.
Track Name: Dead Sea I
I have never seen anyone like you.
But now I will crawl into my own dormant state of mind.
I won't bother you with my own lie.
Cause I am here for comfort and for care.

But now I will see that you brought out the worst in me.
I will never find one like you ever again.

I have never found anyone who wonders for me like you
And others to.
These once priced all, in my mind.
This little old and coldly life,
I thank you for knowing me.
And falling with me until lightning strikes (Lightning strikes).
Track Name: The Culturalist
Feeding into my own deep sickness,
I'm free of spite.
I ride a new wave, in neglect, a world might come.
Burned through until it did all sleep.

Say hello to I, the cultureless swine.

Prepare the gulf of the coming storm.
My body has, I will pray for you.
Never push it away.
You have granted my own swine.

Your trapped in ceaseless roots and your not leaving my sight.
I'm tingling at the core.
I saw you with the will and the might of ten gods you breed from.
Leave all trace, fragment branch of Yore.
You saw the world, but no brook of the carnal sky.

Fruit falls into the new world tree.
Say hello to I, the cultureless swine.

Face, on all that you'l see.
Conquer all the fucking seas.
Leave no trace of blood, nor gore.
Control, your time will come to an end.
Only time...
Track Name: Wandering Into the Coil
I don't feel anything but gloom and aching in my soul.
Fear, hold my dreams.

I love fire.
Free the void, rage and stray.
Return to the core.

Now I'm ceaseless and I-
I'm aching, goodbye, guess that all.
I've reached the plight of my own lie.

I'm soaring, I'm firing all pride.
I'm ceasing, my glowing bastard convinced to die.

Crack the sky... cleanse the sky...

I live, I'm busting in.
Ethereal God, I'm saved and all's black.

Freezing... dissolving now... aching in my hole...
Spiraling... crying...
Aching... freezing... dissolving... feeling...

I ache...

Water is all... the bed of all... wandering into the coil...
Wandering into the coil...
Track Name: The Devil In Folklore
Sink all the weight of the demigods ways.
Flight of the butterfly can't be broken.
Flight of the violence of God's dream.
Ripped shards blow weight.
All fires wait.

Flight of all worth, will find your world.
Finding all the skeletons of the hating primal concrete,
Loud is the body, praise I've found white graves.
And now grow...


Found eyes frowned all the borders,
In the streets we reign.
Fright of the waters of original delusion.
His God will flurry us with light winds.
We bow to the infinite parts... the infinite war...
Track Name: Thatness
My demon once foetal, now may cease to be, or swallow me whole in a pit of flames.
I push to let it die, but do I or do I not? I toss the coin and ponder my potential loss.

The salt seeps in my open wounds as the rebirth of mutual destruction comes.
Persona is vacant, mind is blank, ash am I? I cease being my own hell, as my devil leaves me.

It takes all of me to watch myself leave; I’ve never felt so bold.
The soil’s eating me alive. My devil’s rid of me and now I either live, or I’ll burn.

He burns, she burns, we burn, I burn.

...and emerge from the ashes in one piece.