From Doldrums to Delight

by Avail

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released September 21, 2014

Joseph Kirby - Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Lyrics and Production.



all rights reserved



One man Black Metal act from Nova Scotia, Canada, fronted by Joseph Kirby.

The act was formed in 2014 and all recordings are done with minimal equipment. Due to budget constraints, all instrumentation is recorded on an old microphone with no studio.

All instruments and vocals are performed by Joseph Kirby, including additional ambiance presented in the work, as well as production.
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Track Name: Enter Into the Mystery
(I. Wonderment)


One whisper...
One weary eyed faltered saint tonight, discovered frayed moonlight.

We'll all return, we're on our own.
We don't say, "We're out of our nature."
I'll croak, beauty falls unto all nature of human.
We're alive...

Forever free, become the dream, and enter the mystery.
(Soar across the open sea)

(II. Mother Earth)

We fill our lives with gladness.
We fill our lives with love.
We fill our lives with goods for yourself.
We fill our lives with beauty.
Track Name: From Doldrums to Delight
From when I was a boy I had this thirst for living,
But it was wounded by a stigma in my state of being.
I'm coasting God knows where, how will these events fair?
This spectacles been blighted, rubble lost in the air.

It soared across the waters, to all my loyal brothers.
If I'm discarded I'll be baited to my founding fathers.
My Doldrums state of being arose from these pits of dark,
But I will overcome this, push through and make my mark.

So here I will be tested, this chance to persevere.
Delight found its way through this crevasse of fear.
The signs reveal my way from doldrums to delight,
But my fears linger still, my minds untimely blight.

Stigmatic force upon me, meeting my demise.
No time for sad farewells, no chances for goodbyes.

Will we whither into nothingness?
If this blight hits me I must confess...
This is all I have...
Track Name: Universal
Dear mother, light my torch and guide me through this cave of black.
Until you find your solace elsewhere, come to terms with your life.

Dear father, where are you?
What would you do if I forgot about you?
Would you be happy? Would you be sad?
Are you content not caring at all?

Dear brother, I need you here.
The dividing line between and my fears, my solid ground.
My deadbeat joy I deserved this whole time, I've run off for you.

I break this all-time high, I predicted to be right about you.

I never once predicted this distance.
I never wanted it to breed on like this.
Track Name: After We've Lost Everything, We're Free to Do Anything
Break this shit down, light up your lives.
You're wallowing in emptiness, destroy, fight and create.
Face the laceration of the torture and overkill.
You waste yourself as you waste away your life.

After we've lost everything, we're free to do anything.

You're nothing but insignificant.
Now speak up justly, I'll stay underground.
Come to terms with your worthlessness and be free.

You'll march...

We'll seize the cancer of social distortion.
We'll batter the tyrants to dust.

After we've lost everything, we're free to do anything.
Track Name: Homebound
And this is all beyond my control.
And I can't stay here for to long.
As we heal you of what would be true,
This could be where I'm content, to wait here.
Run from the fluorescent broken wheel.
Tied to thee, all the skies witness something I never knew.

I will not stray...
I will not fall...
I can find my own way home...

For ten years I held my ground, and I apologized to no one.

The coming years will blight me.
Invite me bright wear, find my way to my humble eon,

Fight... seize... conquer...