Báthory In Ruin

by Avail

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released May 14, 2017

Joseph Kirby - Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Lyrics and Production.



all rights reserved



One man Black Metal act from Nova Scotia, Canada, fronted by Joseph Kirby.

The act was formed in 2014 and all recordings are done with minimal equipment. Due to budget constraints, all instrumentation is recorded on an old microphone with no studio.

All instruments and vocals are performed by Joseph Kirby, including additional ambiance presented in the work, as well as production.
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Track Name: Voice of Misanthrope

It bleeds through the throat of me.
I fight that which cannot fly.
Diving in the jaded pit, I see the corroded day.
I see the body's killing me.
Come thusly.
Strike the head, love the dead.

Cling to this liar again.
Corrupt me, dark queen bee.

Darling bee, carve my key.
Bleed the truth... count on me.
In my dream, time to bleed with my piece I can't see.

Fear the dying gleam.
It cannot be here my stallion.
I cannot blight thee.
Here the fear is dying with my gleam.
Slaves cannot be tied to love.

Deer, confided to me.
I carry the guardians sea to thee.
My god listens while fleeting to the round tree.
Now I breathe down here to thee obscene.

Rip the viking pinned shards.
Dead gods life be gone since my time.
My time is for the frigid quest.
Selfless forces tied to myself die.

The days of thee, blighted me, scattered unto the winds.
I pray for thee tragedy, blighted unto the sun.
Carve my name, not onto the thine fucking life.
I see the god of thine repented offspring.

Flight of thee...

The multiverse of fuscia.
It cannot drown for me.
I redacted all chances for thee.

Comets come back to thee right.

The fight cometh.
Why can't we light spring?
All of your dreams, divine, discard in time.

Dreaded cleaver, bastards live in trees.
Sons need mothers love. Hold thy mother dear.
Cometh dead one, face your gun to me.
Never light the heel.
Never learn...

Torturers begone, and torture thee god.
I cannot see the dying leech.
Torturers guarded to things they blight.
Torture people to blight all love.

In their dreams I bleed for the king they discarded dear...

Cry to me... cry...
Track Name: The Prophet of Haux and Horror
My son was raised by the prophet Tôt.

Gently batter through the doors as we rest here, quiet and content.
Greeting us with closed arms, it points to the heir.
I worry as it wipes the sweat from my brow

The prophet means no harm.
I ask to come, it instructs me to stay.

He’s our only offspring with no mother, have him back soon.
I’m assured he will.

The moon is out now, the child has not returned.

Bound by rope and wire.
The prophet’s chant, they cry for the god Tôt.
My son, raped by the Prophet
My son, raped by Tôt.

I’m in the prophet’s gaze; I’m clubbed and dragged to the glow.
The altar’s ablaze, the child screams. My insides decay.
The prophet’s laugh; they force my gaze upon the glow.

I’m decayed; he’s hollow, my child, my son.
Track Name: My Final Sentiments

I cut.
I came to thee in your time of need.
Lay down. Lay unwearied.
You drown here, tonight in flames.
Im loves apostle, a tyrant for thee.

I came, I spake "you're drowning."
In godless day, your god is dead.
Love my neighbour?
You'll drown with no chance of life.

Query dear, scavenge here.
Blight it down here.
Tonight in flames you will drown.
You will never return.
Crown me, I've sharpened up your life.

Down deep I become ugly.
Justly dying for thee, the eon.
I'd grip for life.
Your dying with me.
I did collect you.
I helped you love life.


Come back to me...


Cry inside, I will love.
I bask ever-battered for love.
I won't ever be trapped ever.
I love theater as you wither apart.
Cry inside with you.
We fly, we bask all in night time.
And yes, wailing was easy for love.
Good eye, never be yourself.

To return again...
Never return again...
Never come back to what you left behind...
Love god...


I will not pray for you.
I will not cry...

Bleed dark void.
I'd be the fight.
I'd burn your grave mangled and torn.
I'd bleed mankind I see, I kneel with sympathy.
Why did you stay as I watched you drown?

Come back...
Track Name: Warborn in Service of Innsbruck Ambras
My strong life embossed.
Seethe all right in day.
Complete might all fecal.
To king might, I'll fight.
Imposed into thee.
Confide with tortured God.
To feel light all spiral.

Carve me with blood and sword...

Live up...

Dead siding, selfless glory.
In tower with glory and servitude.
In light of feeble ra, rape thee.

Dared to field, to carry, to flee.
To seether, to carry, to find them again.
We raged, and raped, and live for this tyrant for glory?

Never again...

Can't you bleed?
I bleed. I breed. I see what you need.
You leashed me, but I stayed.
I sing for all that you need.
All down here, for me.
For fear in "sorry."
I bid farewell to you...
I sing farewell to you...

Carve me god... love for thee...

My dear, darkened finger bleeds through it.
Darkened nothing...
I feel turmoiled fear.
Innocently, that I'll never see.
I need more vigor...

Killing the tyrant of me.
My fear...

Carving unto me.
And all life I benight.
To Cree, I hark.
My sympathy again...
I flee, to flee my god of all thee.
I king thy dream.
Tonight I bleed in sympathy.
Tonight I'll be a void of me.
Confided in dreams
I'll slit her frigid Tôt for me.
Track Name: Tedd Deireadh: The Final Age
Kill the sphere, God did touch it.
To fear the fecal pushed on me.
A goddess of eternity.
Love for me? I killed the wraith.
Dear, cut the razerfoot.
Dear, bleed time.
Rip this faith, carved readily.
Eat, smite ten spurs.

Kill all joints of fear.
The king so mightily hacked so readily.
Ten mighty men of day, aimed to create a God.
In ten frothy meads I did blight a god.
Dead frothy one, did I spit glory?
Carved in evil... carved in true evil...
Blight my trees, high...

Dead God in me, the king of might and fear, of treacherous deed.
Carry unto me...

Ten tons of fear raped the soiled fruit...
King of thee lifetimes spree, why soil fruit?
King on seat of thee, soiled eternity...
Dead, I feel thee. Dye the eon...
King I birth my fear of the treetops, fetid...
Bark the raw eye for nothing...

Noctid evil for the king.
Down, he rips all perfect Cree.
Carving... why?


Come to thee, the legions that worth guarding.
Dip thy feet in fetid dipped joy.
Deep, the God dipped deep beyond the void.
Carve my name and foot deep beyond the night.
Breathe life. Tread beyond the leek, King Gore...

Tedd... Deireadh...